2015 09 06 to 07 Brand Ambassadors for Sporting Events Over the Labour Day Long Weekend

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September 22, 2015
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September 22, 2015

Tigris provided brand ambassadors for sporting events throughout the Labour Day weekend in Regina, Hamilton and Calgary. Our team included 1 Team Lead and 15 Brand Ambassadors per city for the CFL Labour Day Classic.

In each city, our teams were decked out in branded gear to represent a high profile client. Our brand ambassadors for sporting events were responsible for leading activation’s pre-game and post-game. The pre-game activation included a fan fest where fans were able to run through a branded football obstacle course which included drills a football player would go through when training. Younger fans loved this activation and were able to win a prize upon completion!

The second pre-game activation included a social media component. Using a special hashtag, fans were challenged to share their pictures on social media for their chance to be featured in a commercial that will be aired on TSN later in the football season. Β Our brand ambassadors walked around with large branded picture frames for fans to pose in. They also encouraged fans to download the TSN app onto their smartphones.

Last but not least, the post-game activation included the distribution of 5,000 coupons in each city. What a great way to end the game!

Are you interested in using brand ambassadors for sporting events? They sure know how to pump up a crowd! Contact Tigris today at 647-286-9392 for a free quote or send us an e-mail at [email protected] for more information.