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field marketing

Use field marketing to discover what your customers are thinking, so you can give them what they need and want!

Knowledge is power, so what better way to strategize and plan for future decisions, than with a field marketing program! Proactively seeking the opinions and perceptions of your consumers will help protect your brand during changing times.

Aside from the data collected, field marketing campaigns make consumers feel valued. It gives consumers the impression that brands are catering towards them.

Field marketing and technology go hand in hand. Tigris’ team of tech-savvy field marketing intelligence interviewers will connect with targeted consumers to gather perceptions, attitudes, and information about your brand. Field marketing can be done by collecting accurately and efficiently using iPads, PDA’s, laptops or tablets.

Industry Partners in Field Marketing

Tigris has partnered with a leader in the market research industry. We are able to interpret data using emotional science so companies can understand how people genuinely feel about their product or service. Surveys can range in length from 5 minutes to 45 minutes. However, the longer the participant must spend providing their input, their expectation for an incentive increases.  The length of the interaction and the incentive for participation should be well thought out and appeal to a wide range of consumers to ensure optimal participation.

As an extension of our field marketing activities, Tigris can also assist with your brands’ digital marketing strategy. The internet is the most effective communications tool of modern day. So how can brands stay connected? They need to manage their online experience in an authentic and relevant way that simultaneously motivates consumer interaction.

field marketing

Tigris will conceptualize an innovative online strategy, monitor and measure online activities and engage your brand in the online conversation.  Some opportunities for online brand experiences include:
•   Micro-site Development
•   Online Contest Applications & Sweepstakes
•   QR Codes
•   Social Media Strategies
•   Twitter & Facebook Community Development & Management

Brands can and should have a strong online presence but they must tread carefully. Consequently, social media is a two-sided conversation and consumers can vocalize their opinions about a brand – good – or bad. Tigris is here to create and manage a successful digital marketing strategy to maximize your brand’s position online.

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