Turn-key Event Marketing Strategies

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Wouldn’t you like to build a unique event marketing strategy that keeps consumers coming back for years to come?

Consumer attitudes towards event marketing have shifted over the past several years. Gone are the days of telling your consumer why they should support your brand. Engaging consumers with a positive, pro-active event marketing approach instead is the wave of the 21st century.

In addition, research reflects that 60% of consumers agree that overall brand experience is the biggest factor influencing their decision to purchase a product. 44% are willing to pay a premium for a product or service that will give them a unique experience. An additional 62% agree that previous experiences will impact future decisions about what brands to support.

Face time with your consumers have an infinite effect on their buying power. As a result, this creates a unique opportunity to embrace the effective power of event marketing. Here at Tigris, we’re a seasoned experiential marketing and event marketing agency with a history of creating turnkey event marketing strategies that include but are not limited to:

•   Assisted Sales Support to rapidly increase profits for a charity or in a retail or trade show environment
•   Field Market Research Intelligence to gather valuable insights regarding your consumers perceptions
•   Merchandising to build strong relationships with the sales reps at the stores that sell your product
•   Special Events connect to consumers in a fun, interactive place like a concert, gala, golf tournament
•   Street Promotions for a high volume, maximum impact from guerrilla marketing to street festivals

Event Marketing and Experiential Marketing Experts

Our internal team of event marketing professionals can quickly and efficiently engineer a campaign to strengthen your brand position and presence at any of these types of events and more. In addition to building out the concept of your event marketing strategy, we will also book, schedule and train the events staff who will seamlessly execute it onsite.

Following each and every event, we will send you a valuable post-report of your event marketing performance. This report outlines consumer perspectives on the initiatives as well as a quantitative and qualitative analysis. This is especially relevant, so you can gauge your return on investment and key performance indicators.

calgary marketing agencyEach and every event or program is customized to meet the logistical needs and exceed the expected outcomes. We, of course, rely on our client’s to outline their event marketing goals so we can create a successful plan of action – but make sure to ask the right questions so we can achieve the right results. Tigris guarantees an efficient event marketing strategy through professional representation, accountable workmanship and efficient turnkey approach.

In addition to event marketing, Tigris is also a leader in ethnic event marketing strategies. The key to ethnic marketing is understanding the core cultures and traditions of your target demographic so you can enhance their consumer experience and buying position. Ethnic marketing, done properly, can significantly facilitate the process of attracting people and increasing sales.

Ethnic marketing can play a pivotal role in the success of any of the following:

•   New Years Celebrations
•   Religious Holidays
•   Retail Promotions
•   Special Events
•   Street Festivals & Parades

Event Marketing – Targeting Your Core Consumer

Although Canada is a multicultural country, ethnic values can still be identified within a target demographic with more than one ethnic origin. The impact of the message and experience you incorporate depends on the quality of your copy, design and quality based on how much you know about and understand your potential consumers.

Tigris will research your target demographic to ensure your ethnic marketing campaign is well thought out and seamlessly executed, right down to bilingual events staff. The goal is maximum participation from otherwise tough to target consumers, a lasting impact and in turn, a direct increase in sales.

Tigris event marketing and experiential marketing agency services are available in top locations across Canada as Toronto (ON), Vancouver (BC) and Calgary (AB) as well as several smaller markets. Call us at 647-286-9392 . Alternatively, email us directly at [email protected]. We can’t wait to hear from you!