Capture Priceless Data about your Brand with our Field Market Research Staffing Services

Tigris’ team of field market researchers can get inside the head of your customers to find out what they’re really thinking. This includes their needs and wants from your company’s products or services. Seems like they may be your new secret weapon!

Field market researchers have a similar but very different role from a temporary event staff, promotional model or brand ambassador. Because of the nature of their position, they must remain neutral and unbiased about a brand or company. This ensures quality data collection. However, interviewers must still have an enthusiastic, upbeat personality. As a result, this will influence people to participate in the study, while the staff portrays a positive image of the company they are collecting information for.

field market research staffingMost noteworthy, Tigris has staffed high volume market research studies in some of Canada’s busiest venues. Our team of field market researchers are tech-savvy. They understand the supreme importance of their contribution. Ultimately, the study assists with long term decision making by companies. Therefore, it is a lot of responsibility.

Tigris has proven itself to be a trustworthy partner to one of the biggest market research firms in Toronto and to the busiest airport in the country. That doesn’t just happen by accident!

Our field market researchers undergo rigorous background checks to qualify. In addition, they are results driven individuals. Because these studies are so valuable, we only provide the best staff to conduct surveys.

You may encounter one of our field market researchers collecting data at any of the following venues:
•   Airports
•   Bars and Restaurants
•   Fuel Stations
•   In-Store or On-Street
•   Tradeshows like the Toronto Auto Show for the Toronto Star

Field Market Research Relies on Technology

Field market research intelligence and technology go hand in hand. Tigris’ tech-savvy interviewers will connect with your target consumers to gather perceptions. Furthermore, this also includes attitudes and information about your brand. Data can be collected accurately and efficiently using various technologies. This includes Apple iPads, PDA’s, personal computers, laptops, and tablets. In addition, a participation incentive is also recommended to maximize interest in the study.

Tigris has collected thousands of surveys for reputable clients. For example, Toronto Pearson Airport and Carlsberg are a few of our clients. Tigris is a proven and trusted supplier of field market research staff to reputable companies and organizations. These clients rely on the data collected to make valuable long term decisions.

field market research staffing

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