2015 08 25 to 09 03 Market Researchers Conduct Study for UP Express

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September 22, 2015
2015 08 21 to 09 07 Wonderlist Brand Ambassadors at the CNE
September 22, 2015

Toronto is constantly under construction and improving its transportation services. One of the newest transportation additions is the UP Express, a train that takes passengers from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport to Union Station downtown in 25 minutes. The train also operates from Union Station to the Airport.

It’s valuable to know if this new means of transportation is effective and if passengers enjoy the service. How would one find out this important data? With the use of market researcher, of course! Tigris supplied a team of experienced, knowledgeable staff to survey individuals waiting to board the UP Express train over the course of 10 days in association with Hotspex.

The purpose of this research project was to provide the quantitative, fact-based data and insight to drive strategic, brand building action. An incentive for individuals to complete the survey was a $10 Amazon gift card. That’s a pretty good incentive for completing a 15 minute survey!

Over the course of 10 days, our market researchers were able to get almost 200 participants to complete the survey on an iPad. Our brand ambassadors were extremely knowledgeable and tech savvy, which made this research study extremely easy to complete.

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