2015 09 12 Petcurean Events Staff at the Beaconsfield Animal Adoption Fair

2015 09 11 Toronto Promo Models Hosts Photo Booth at the Producer’s Ball
September 22, 2015
2015 09 06 to 07 Brand Ambassadors for Sporting Events Over the Labour Day Long Weekend
September 22, 2015

Tigris supplied a talented, bilingual events staff to assist Petcurean with their booth at the Beaconsfield Animal Adoption Fair Sept. 12th. Despite the rainy weather, the booth was still packed and our brand ambassador was able to engage hundreds of pet owners.

Inside the bright orange tent, guests were able to learn more about Petcurean and different food options for their furry friends. Our dynamic events staff took her time with each guest explaining the benefits of the Petcurean brand and which food would be best for their pets. Along with educating guests, Petcurean distributed a free sample bag and coupon to each person who entered the tent. What better way to learn more about a product than to sample it?

Tigris has been working with Petcurean throughout 2015 to assist with their presence at various pet festivals across Canada. Are you looking for a team of brand ambassadors to assist with your booth at various shows? Tigris is able to train a team that can assist with your activation for the entire year, or more!

If you’re interested in creating a long lasting partnership and are tired of hiring different agencies for each event, contact Tigris today. We would love to work with you all year long! Send us an e-mail at [email protected] to inquire about our staffing services nationwide.