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5 Tips to Help You Get Selected for Top Brand Ambassador Jobs

Due to government restrictions on events and gatherings with more than 5 people, unfortunately we do not have any upcoming events available at this time. We hope to resume hiring and booking brand ambassador jobs as soon as it is safe to do so. 

Therefore, most of us in the event industry, from planners to talent, we may find our life on hold for the time being. However, this does not mean we should spend our time watching countless hours of Netflix (guilty). We encourage you to take this time to work on ourselves, both physically and mentally. Schedule walks, meditation, and daily movement to boost endorphins.

In addition to daily movement, we encourage those on our team (or those thinking of applying) to build on their skillset while waiting for work. Below are 5 different types of skills and criteria we look for when hiring and booking talent. Bonus: brand ambassador jobs with these skills are usually offered a higher hourly rate!

brand ambassador jobs

Smart Serve & Food Handler

If you’re looking to work an activation that revolves around alcohol , your smart serve certification is mandatory. Below are a few examples of when this certification would be required:

  • Bartending
  • Serving at a private or corporate party
  • Indoor sampling
  • Outdoor sampling

In Ontario, you can complete the alcohol training program online. Study with online training and complete the final test to become certified. Each province has different qualifications and requirements, so be sure to obtain the appropriate certification for your region.

Food safety certifications are another sought after qualification that we receive from many clients. This is required for food samplings, demos, etc. Become a certified Food Handler in Canada here.


We often get requests for bilingual staff in Mandarin, Cantonese, Italian, Spanish and French. Speaking multiple languages is extremely valuable and allows you to work in multiple markets, including nationwide programs/tours. There are language learning tools you can access online for free including Duolingo, Open Culture, Babbel and Busuu.

brand ambassador jobs


It’s always a good time to keep learning. During this time, there are several free, online learning options for all education levels. Below is a short list but there is much, much more to take advantage of!

  • LinkedIn Learning: learn business, creative, and technology skills to achieve your personal and professional goals.
  • Coursera: 100% online. Learn something new in 4-6 weeks!
  • Class Central: free online courses from Ivy League universities and institutions.
  • Udemy: global education marketplace with over 100,00 courses.
  • TED-Ed: high-quality, interactive, video-based lessons on a daily basis, for free.

Video Profile

If you are part of the Tigris roster, then you already know we are working on collecting video profiles from our talent across Canada. If you are thinking of applying to Tigris, we encourage you to include a video profile with your application.

To accompany candidate profiles that we provide to our clients to help make staff selections, we are asking our brand ambassadors to create a 30-45 second video about yourself, touching on the following points:

  • The year you began working in the events industry
  • Recent events you have worked, including your role and responsibilities
  • Any special skills or certifications you have
  • 1 interesting fact about yourself

Make sure you are dressed professionally for the video and have no distractions in the background. We suggest taking it against a bare wall as a backdrop if possible.

The purpose of this initiative is to help our clients get a better understanding of our amazing brand ambassadors. These videos will not only allow them to see who you are, but also hear your voice and mannerisms to better evaluate who will be a fit for their events. You want to let your personality shine!!

Photos and Resume

Now is the perfect time to update your resume, especially if you’ve been with #TeamTigris for several years. Updated resumes allow us to better recommend you to clients and determine which events you’d be a fit for.

In addition, we always encourage updated photos. If possible, we would recommend taking new photos yearly. These do not have to be taken by a professional – we encourage you to ask a friend! Below is the criteria we expect when submitting photos:

  • Pose against a bare wall with no distractions
  • Take photos in professional attire such as a blazer, dress shirt and dress pants
  • Take additional photos in a more casual outfit
  • Ensure hair is styled nicely and makeup is freshly applied, if applicable

We encourage staff to send several photos, so we have a selection when submitting talent to our client based on the nature of the event. The more the better!

Brand Ambassador Jobs :: Become the Best!

We hope you found the 5 points above helpful and informative. If you are interested in joining the Tigris team, please send your resume, photo & video profile to [email protected] If you are looking to hire our talent for your event, please request a free quote.

Serena Holmes
Serena Holmes
Serena Holmes (formerly Schwab) is the President & CEO of Tigris Incorporated. She is a Broadcast Journalism graduate from Ryerson University. She began working in events in 2000 and started with Tigris as an events staff in 2004, was promoted to management and later accepted partnership. Serena took over operations of the company in 2008. Since that time the roster has tripled and the company continues to grow at a healthy pace. Some keynote clients include Rogers, Motorola, GTAA, CHIN Radio, Appleton Rum and many others. Google PLus Profile:

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