The Role of Technology in Enhancing Experiential Marketing Campaigns
The Role of Technology in Enhancing Experiential Marketing Campaigns
April 4, 2024
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May 3, 2024

Building Mutually Beneficial Relationships with Influencers

In today’s digital age, engagement is key to building strong relationships with influencers. These individuals have become a critical part of the experiential and marketing landscape, capable of increasing audience engagement and participation tenfold. Influencers can be a very powerful and valuable tool if you have the right influencer on the right campaign. That said, building and maintaining a strong relationship with influencers isn’t always as easy as you want. As with any relationship you need to put in the work. Lucky for you, that’s exactly what we’re here to discuss. Here are Tigris’ top three tips for building mutually beneficial relationships with influencers.



Define Goals

To build successful influencer relationships, the first step is to define goals. When selecting who to work with, the goals of the campaign and/or event need to be clear. Additionally, it’s important to spend time understanding the influencer’s personal and professional goals to ensure it’s a right fit and that you are aligned. When you have common goals and values, the working part of the relationship becomes much smoother. It’s critical to any campaign’s success that you are aligned from the start.


Building Mutually Beneficial Relationships with Influencers


Fair Compensation

Fair compensation is also crucial in building mutually beneficial relationships with influencers. Do your research and negotiate to offer fair compensation. Avoid “lowballing” and do not insult them by asking for free exposure. They are highly skilled, talented individuals that need to earn a living just like we do! Instead, use added incentives such as discounts, commissions, free products etc.



Clear Communication

Communication is key in any relationship, including those with influencers. It’s important to communicate often and regularly update influencers on campaign progress and changes. Clear communication helps make expectations known and keeps contract clauses transparent. When providing feedback, be constructive, but also acknowledge when influencers have exceeded expectations. This fosters a positive working environment and helps build trust.

In building long-term relationships with influencers, it’s essential to understand their value beyond their immediate reach. Micro-influencers, for example, may have a smaller following but often have a more engaged and loyal audience within a specific niche. Working with them can help you tap into a highly targeted market that aligns with your brand. Additionally, building relationships with influencers can lead to collaborations beyond one-off campaigns, allowing for more integrated and impactful marketing efforts.



Final Thoughts

In conclusion, building mutually beneficial relationships with influencers requires clear goals, fair compensation, and effective communication. By taking the time to understand influencers’ goals and values, offering fair compensation, and maintaining open and transparent communication, brands can build long-lasting relationships that benefit both parties. Influencers receive opportunities to work with brands that align with their values, while brands gain access to a highly engaged audience that can help them reach their target market.

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