Finding the Right Brand Ambassadors for Your Campaign
Finding the Right Brand Ambassadors for Your Campaign
October 2, 2022
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Events Staff: The Difference & Why They’re Important
October 20, 2022

Marketing has become a massive industry. Having evolved past traditional billboards and advertisements, there are more forms of marketing than ever before. For instance, there’s B2B, B2C, telemarketing, influencer, digital marketing and many, many more! While all different in their approach, each type has its own specific strategy. However, at their very core, they all have one thing in common, they communicate the benefits of a brand, product and/or service to consumers. Therefore, it might come as no surprise that we are fans of one type of marketing in particular. In fact, we’ve built an award-winning business around it! If you guessed experiential marketing, then you’d be right! So, buckle in while we tell you all about why experiential marketing works!

Experiential Marketing Defined

At its core, experiential marketing is focused on creating connections that count, in order to build long standing relationships with customers”. So, how do marketing agencies employ these strategies? Well, let’s break it down into the ABC’s of experiential marketing.

Attracts Attention

When it comes to why experiential marketing works, “A” stands for attract attention. Experiential marketing campaigns are thought-provoking and eye catching activations. These activations are meant to shock the system. Using the power of presence, the key is to draw people in with a unique opportunity. People are attracted to things that stick out or seem out of the ordinary. For instance, our infamous Transferwise Campaign! We pushed a custom-built larger than life size alarm clock around downtown Toronto in order to “wake consumers up” in regards to the fees that are often associated with transferring money. And boy did it! At the end of the day, whatever the campaign or idea may be, it should always create a unique experience for the consumer.

Why Experiential Marketing Works

Builds Bonds

After you attract attention, it’s time to hold onto it and keep the momentum going. It’s important to build a bond with consumers. Whether you are simply showcasing a new product or attracting attention to a larger cause, the consumer should always walk away with a positive impression. Each part of your campaign should have consumer connection built into its core. In order to get into consumer’s heads, hearts or hands you need them to feel important and special. This is why samplings or “surprise and delight” activations are often apart of the experiential marketing repertoire. Oftentimes it’s these experiences that shape our opinions, expose us to new products and open our minds to new brands.

Why Experiential Marketing Works

Converts Consumers

Finally, when it comes to why experiential marketing works, “C” stands for converts consumers. The reason why experiential marketing is such a popular technique is because it works! Think about it. How often have you been exposed to a new product because you received a free sample? Or, have you been more likely to donate to a particular cause because they brought their cause to life before your very eyes? This is because experiential marketing is proactive versus reactive. It actively addresses consumers’ apprehensions and builds confidence towards new brands, products or services.

Why Experiential Marketing Works


Final Thoughts

Let us put it this way, you wouldn’t purchase a car before experiencing it for yourself, would you? Well, the same goes for most products or services. Consumers like to try before they buy. If you can create an exciting and engaging experience that leaves them walking away just waiting to tell their friends or post on social media, then you’ve done your job.

But hey, don’t let us just tell you why experiential marketing works, let us show you why! Check out the rest of our website or visit our Instagram for inspiration. Get out there and experience campaigns in your own city, for yourself. Trust us, one great campaign and you will be sold! And if you’re apprehensive, no problem, check out another one of our blogs: “Creative Campaigns That Upped the Ante!” or give us a call to discover more!


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