Why Experiential Marketing Works
Why Experiential Marketing Works
October 14, 2022
How to Harness Word-of-Mouth Using Brand Ambassadors
How to Harness Word-of-Mouth Using Brand Ambassadors
October 28, 2022

Events Staff: The Difference & Why They’re Important

If you are involved in the wonderful world of events and marketing then it’s safe to say you’re familiar with the term events staff. In this industry, this term is used a lot, primarily as an umbrella term to describe different types of staffing roles. Well, as we all well know, it takes many hands to pull off a well-executed activation. As planners, producers, managers, etc. we often rely on different types of event staff to get the job done. So, we’re asking, “Why is this important?”. Well, it’s important to understand the different roles events staff can play and their areas of expertise. So, if you’re looking to increase the effectiveness of how you employ events staff then we’ve got you covered. Today, we’re exploring the different types of events staff, why they’re important and how best to utilize them!

Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors or “BAs” for short, is one type of events staff that are hired consistently. While the name may be fairly self-explanatory let’s break it down. We’d define brand ambassadors as events staff that represent your brand in the most direct way. In essence, brand ambassadors are an advertisement for your brand in real time. They are trained and educated to speak directly about your product and/or service on behalf of the brand. Brand ambassadors are a fantastic resource for shaping consumer connections. They have the ability to bring brands to life! Brand ambassadors are perfect if you’re looking for dynamic events staff to entice consumers into a sample or simply educating consumers about a new product or service.

Sales Staff

If you want to increase both your sales and your manpower onsite, then sales staff are the type of events staff that you’ll want to hire. Oftentimes, consumers need that extra push to make a purchase. Sales staff have the unique ability to influence consumers. Armed with an engaging personality and product knowledge, sales staff can not only drive sales, but also influence an overall impression of the brand. Sales staff are also great for driving leads, we’d recommend implementing this type of events staff at product demos, trade shows, sales promotions and much more!

Promotional Model

While similar to a brand ambassador, there is a key difference between the two types of events staff. In addition to their personalities, there is more important placed on their “look”. Similarly, to professional modelling & print campaigns, certain brands may want a certain look to represent their product or service. Promotional models are best utilized for specific promotions including product launches, photo or video shots, special events or event publicity stunts to name a few.

Events Staff Sales Staff

Street Team

Next up is a type of events staff we’ve talked a lot about, that’s right, you may have guessed it: street teams! As we’ve defined before, essentially, street teams are a group of specific events staff who “hit the streets” promoting and/or sampling a brand, product or service. Remember, street team members may serve different purposes, dependent on the activation and client. They could all be made up of brand ambassadors or sales staff or a combination of both. What really matters is what qualities or experience makes sense for your approach. As always, whatever the attributes you’re looking for may be, we recommend those who are personable, yet responsible and come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

Field Market Research

Last, but certainly not least in our list of the different types of events staff are field market research staff. Market research staff are uniquely trained and equipped to capture data and true market insights. Consider them a secret weapon! While any events staff truly could get, a survey filled out, true market research staff know how to connect with consumers and pull out key comments, insights and FAQs that brands are looking to hear about.

Final Thoughts

We hope you found this list useful, there are so many great types of events staff. Remember, all your planning will be for naught if you don’t have the right team in place supporting you. This is true from agency, to management, to vendors and events staff. Connect with us and let us know how we did. Was there a type of events staff that we missed? We’d be happy to create a part two!

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