Event Marketing Elements
Event Marketing Elements That Affect Attendee Experience
February 26, 2023
Hiring Brand Ambassadors in 2023
Hiring Brand Ambassadors in 2023
March 10, 2023

Virtual Reality and the Future of Event Marketing

We, as a society, are ever evolving and are headed towards a fascinating time, our access to technology changes everything. We are digitally adept, tuned in, and ascending to what we can only imagine is an even more digitized future. To put things into perspective, think about the 80s and 90s compared to the present. In the span of not even 50 years, we’ve come a long way. The days of dreaming of “The Jetsons” are not as far away as we once thought.  We do have self-driving cars now, after all. So, what does this have to do with the future of event marketing? Well, we’re glad you asked.

There seems to be a shift, or at least the desire to deliver a second option to the traditional PR stunt. Now, don’t get us wrong, the classic PR stunt is a tried and true method, it provides a unique virality factor. But how can we follow that up? For instance, these days, you may be viral one week and a one hit wonder the next. So, we urge you –  build on your momentum. And lucky for you, we’re here to help you do just that. While we are a huge fan of experiential campaigns, we want to lean into our techy side today. So, if you’re interested in learning more about virtual reality and the future of the event marketing and don’t mind a few anecdotes along the way, then you’ve come to the right place.




When we think about virtual reality and the future of event marketing, three specific pillars come to mind. There is a reason this technology is ever-evolving and here to stay, it has many applications. The first pillar is perhaps the most obvious; of course, it’s the technology’s entertainment factor. And while it may be obvious, that doesn’t make it any less important. Virtual reality provides that wow factor. It’s driven by imagination and provides limitless potential. Virtual reality can be used to create truly unique, mind-blowing experiences and keep attendees talking for years to come. If you want to know more, check out our blog about how to enhance the attendee experience through VR events.



Utility & Training

Now, if virtual reality’s entertainment possibilities haven’t convinced you, let’s discuss two other important pillars that make the technology worth the investment. First up is its utility and training applications. Virtual reality is able to provide access to real-world capabilities. Gone are the days of traditional (and may we be as bold to say less than riveting) training sessions. Virtual reality can bring something special to the table in terms of interactivity and playfulness. Does anyone remember those good old learning-based computer games (yes, we’re referencing CD-ROMs)? Think of virtual reality training applications like this, you don’t always realize you’re learning when you’re having fun. In addition, it provides opportunities as close to the real thing as possible. For example, before we send new pilots into the air, they spend hours in simulation and training. Also, virtual reality has the ability to be calibrated to the individual; imagine having something tailored to your unique abilities and skill level. Some of us need a little creativity when it comes to our learning. We certainly learn better by doing!



Access & Inclusion

This leads us to our third pillar of virtual reality and the future of event marketing, access, and inclusion. Virtual reality lends us access that we’ve never had before. We are able to utilize the technology in our events to knock down traditional barriers, such as space, time, and even capacity. For instance, whole companies and/or departments can now access an important training or conference, versus having to budget and select only a few. In addition, it opens up an even more important opportunity: that being the ability  to better understand one another. For instance, there are some really interesting virtual reality applications in the health and medical field. For example, technology’s practical application for work with Dementia/Alzheimer patients, such as A Walk Through Dementia – an app that gives insight into living life with dementia. The point is this technology allows us to better understand unique life experiences and lead with understanding, compassion, and empathy. Imagine what a world we can create by not having to be limited by social barriers.



Final Thoughts

So, how do you feel now about virtual reality and the future of event marketing? Remember, virtual technology is an opportunity to elevate, avoid gimmicks and still provide an element that’s sensational, and entertaining yet, better connects us to our surroundings and/or those around us.

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