2015 08 14 to 09 04 Walking Billboard Activation for McDonald’s

2015 08 21 to 09 07 Wonderlist Brand Ambassadors at the CNE
September 22, 2015
2015 08 07 to 09 EXPRESS Clothing Promotion at Boots and Hearts
September 22, 2015

Thinking of treating yourself to McDonald’s this week? Why not, you deserve it! Our brand ambassadors were promoting McDonald’s at high traffic intersections in downtown Toronto near participating McDonald’s locations. Supplied by Orange Board Media, our brand ambassadors were essentially ‘walking billboards’ – they wore a backpack billboard advertising McDonald’s to attract attention from pedestrians.

Along with capturing attention, our brand ambassadors distributed coupons for a special offer on the new Mighty Angus burger. For a limited time, guests were able to try the Mighty Angus burger with fries and a medium drink for only $6.99 with the coupons provided.

This street promotion was extremely successful and literally stopped pedestrians in their tracks. The best thing about this promotion was that consumers were able to use the coupons immediately since the brand ambassadors were activating near participating locations.

Are you looking for a way to stop your target demographic in their tracks? Use a walking billboard advertisement! Our brand ambassadors are able to wear these backpacks for up to 5 hours at a time. If you are interested in a similar promotion for your company, contact Tigris today at 647-286-9392 . We operate in over 15 markets across Canada for your convenience.