2016 08 08 to 21 Soleterra Vancouver Grocery Store Demos

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2016 08 13 to 15 Market Research Survey Staff
August 29, 2016
Experiential Calgary Event
2016 08 10 to 14 Experiential Calgary Event
August 17, 2016
Grocery Store Demos

Grocery store demos are the perfect marketing strategy to introduce a new product in the market.  Our client selected Urban Fares across Vancouver & Kelowna for his British Columbia samplings. Soleterra, produces authentic Italian cured and cooked meats. This line includes prosciutto, salami, cooked ham, mortadella, speck, pancetta and coppa.

Each grocery store demo includes 1 food safety certified brand ambassador. Independently, the ambassador organizes an attractive display to entice potential consumers. This includes Soleterra Brochures & a Pop-up Banner, a sampling table, paper cups, and a display of meats.

It’s crucial for our staff to have a clean and safe display. They are trained prior to the samplings to ensure strong product knowledge. Therefore, they will be able to answer any and all questions they may receive from shoppers.

Grocery Store Demos Attract New Consumers

Because consumers love free samples, a grocery store demo is a great way to attract new consumers to your product. With thousands of items of the shelves, shoppers tend to select items they are familiar with. As a result, they may shy away from new products, unless they’ve tried them before. That’s where our ambassadors come in. They entice shoppers to try the product. In addition, they give shoppers more information on the item and essentially ‘close the deal’ onsite.

Are you interested in executing a sampling? Tigris has over 1,500 brand ambassadors across Canada. Whether you need food certified staff or alcohol certified staff, Tigris is able to support any request. Contact Tigris today for a free quote on our event staffing services.

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