2016 08 10 to 14 Experiential Calgary Event

Grocery Store Demos
2016 08 08 to 21 Soleterra Vancouver Grocery Store Demos
August 29, 2016
Toronto Roadshow
2016 08 10 to 16 Toronto Roadshow for Facebook & Instagram
August 17, 2016
Experiential Calgary Event

Our Tiger Towel team hosted an experiential Calgary event at Taste of Calgary August 10-14. You may be familiar with this activation, because our team has been working it across Canada all summer!

This experiential Calgary event encourages guests to have fun with the brand. There is a ‘Scrub & Win’ game that is played at each festival. Guests can win coupons, plush tigers and more. There was a line up outside of the booth the entire weekend!

This experiential activation is a great way to spread brand awareness to thousands of potential consumers. People left with bags and coupons promoting the brand throughout site. This way, those who didn’t have the chance to participate were still impacted by the brand, visually.

Experiential Calgary Event with Dynamic Events Staff

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