2017 02 15 SNG Wine & Art Show with Calgary Promo Models

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2017 02 17 BDC Kitchener Events Staff
February 22, 2017
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February 15, 2017

With an elegant title like Wine, Dine & Design, you know the event will be upscale. Calgary promo models are the perfect addition to enhance a classy event. The owner of SNG Development contacted Tigris for professional, attractive hostesses to welcome guests, take care of their coats and hand out gifts as they exit. 

SNG Development builds custom homes, condos and living spaces. The company builds houses and condos around the world with a unique, high-end style. Now, in Calgary, they are building custom homes and mini-mansions. The event took place in a SNG newly renovated mini-mansion to showcase their expertise. 

Calgary Promo Models Add Elegance & Class 

What’s a party without delicious food, wine and scotch? A professional crowd enjoyed the original fine art from Stephen Lowe Art Gallery on Feb. 15th. 
You may be wondering how Calgary promo models enhance this event. The PM’s were to greet and guide people into the house, as well as run the coat check. When attendees leave, return their coat and hand them a parting gift. In addition, the staff were to manage food and drink, while keeping the area clean.

Calgary promo models most commonly wear black cocktail dresses to each event. This way, they are easily identified by guests. Are you interested in having promotional models at your next event? Contact Tigris today for a free quote. We operate nationwide across Canada with over 2,000 events staff on our roster. 

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