2017 02 04 to 11 Swatch Valentines Retail Promotion

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Did you know that jewellery is one of the most popular Valentine’s gifts? Along with cards, flowers and candy, most couples find themselves shopping for something sparkly to show someone they care. Many stores execute a Valentines retail promotion to draw consumers into their store for this famous retail holiday.

First of all, how do you stand out from the rest? With a unique, interactive promotion of course! Because Swatch has a Mordillo artist-themed Valentineโ€™s watch, they needed to promote the new product. The Swatch Planet Love watch features a clear plastic box with a loving couple enjoying a boat ride inside the dial. The strap is composed for 100 butterflies in different colours. 

Valentines Retail Promotion – Getting Consumers Excited About Your Product

Our team was to encourage shoppers to participate in the ‘Planet Love Game’. Shoppers given a pink sticky note ‘sent a love note to someone on Planet Love’. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? The notes were placed on the Planet Love wall. After adding a note, shoppers were given a ballot to win the grand prize. Because it’s important to give everyone a takeaway, small gifts were given out to each participant. These gifts include heart frames and stress balls. 

The grand prize was a $150 dinner for 2 and the Planet Love watch! To increase their chance of winning, participants posted their sticky note on social media with the hashtags #MySwatchMTL & #PlanetLove. As a result, brand awareness for the client is increased in addition to their chances of winning. When planning an activation, keep in mind it must be easy, quick, and memorable. Almost everyone will participate if your contest incorporates these 3 factors.  

What Makes You Different?

Because there are unlimited reasons to shop, retail promotions are extremely popular and valuable. Whether your store is a stand-alone on within a mall, you must ask yourself what makes you different. What can you offer that other stores can’t?

Here at Tigris, we create, plan and staff memorable events for our clients. If you need an eye-catching, traffic stopping retail promotion, give us a call! We operate nationwide across Canada with over 12 years of experience. Contact us today to get the conversation started. 

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