2017 02 17 BDC Kitchener Events Staff

Launch Party
2017 02 16 Astrolab Studios Launch Party
February 22, 2017
Calgary promo models
2017 02 15 SNG Wine & Art Show with Calgary Promo Models
February 22, 2017

In celebration of BDC’s new Communitech location, a housewarming was held on February 17th. The housewarming will see members of the Communitech community join BDC President, Michael Denham and Communitech President & CEO for a short celebratory lunch in Communitech’s main space. Micheal and Ian will speak to the benefits of this fantastic new partnership while allowing guests an opportunity to see their space and network with amongst those in attendance. 

Communitech in is Kitchener, ON. We have a small roster of close to 50 staff in that area. Our Kitchener Events Staff were to greet guests, help set up the event, and tear down afterwards. Dressed in all black attire, they were easy for guests to spot for questions and assistance. 

Events Staff in Small Scale Areas 

In addition to our large teams in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto, Tigris has rosters of small in smaller areas. Whether your event is in a main city or a small, rural area, we are able to provide the right talent for your event. Contact Tigris today to learn more about our event staffing services. 

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