2015 06 26 to 29 Pfizer Promotional Giveaway at Calgary Rodeo

2015 07 03 Calgary Promo Models for Employee BBQ
July 14, 2015
2015 07 02 05 Wine Sampling at Taste of Toronto
July 14, 2015

Who doesn’t like a promotional giveaway? Tigris had a team of 5 events staff at the Canadian Rockies International Rodeo and Music Festival June 26th to 29th. Our team gave out Pfizer temporary tattoos and sleeves to guests to wear and show their Pride support!

Consumers love free ‘swag’ and it’s a great way to get your brand noticed. In terms of material, the opportunities are endless! You could create branded beer cozies, lanyards, stickers, sunglasses and more. Consider your target audience, where they will be, and what they would want. Then, assemble an awesome team of brand ambassadors to manage your promotional giveaway and speak for the brand!

Are you interested in a street team for promotional giveaways? Tigris has thousands of brand ambassadors nationwide that are able to generate excitement around a product and your brand. Whether you have a goal of hundreds or thousands of promotional products to give away, our street team capabilities are endless. Contact Tigris today on a free quote on our event staffing services such as street teams and promotional models at 647-286-9392 .