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June 3, 2015
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Learn Valuable Marketing Strategies to Take Your Business To The Next Level

Are You Aware Of The Most Recent Digital Marketing Strategies That Will Increase Your Business?

I really didn’t think I would be writing an exam again anytime soon; when I wrote the final exam of my undergrad last year, I was beyond ecstatic to put the books away. Little did I know I would be studying for and writing an exam a year later. This time, things were extremely different!

Throughout February to May, I was able to participate in the Digital Marketing and Sales certification course taught by Paul Tobey at Training Business Pros. I should have known by the name of the facility that this course would be different than any others I’d ever taken. In my previous academic courses, I was surrounded by individuals who were unsure of their future – as University students, half of us had no idea what we wanted to be when we graduated, or even if we are in the right field of study! At Training Business Pros, I was surrounded by individuals who already knew their passion and were at this course with one goal in mind: to grow their business. The entire group already had goals and dreams; they just needed a little help achieving them.

The overall purpose of the certification was to teach employees and business owners how to grow their business and increase traffic by using specific digital marketing strategies. Ask yourself, how many times have you been on Google today? I myself use this search engine almost hourly. Now, let’s say you’re looking for promotional models to sample your alcohol product at an event in Toronto. What’s the first thing you would do? Google it! Once you type ‘promotional models Toronto’ into the search engine, hundreds of options and pages appear. If you are the company providing promotional models, how do you ensure that people searching for your services find your services? How do you appear in the top 3 search results without paying to be there? Hint: targeted keyword phrases.

When choosing your targeted keyword phrase for your webpage, landing page or blog post, put yourself in your consumers position. Who is your targeted audience? What are they searching for, and how are they searching for it? For Tigris, although we provide events staff for experiential marketing campaigns, our core client is not typing ‘provide events staff for experiential marketing campaigns’ into a search engine. Majority of the time they are typing simple phrases such as ‘promo models’, ‘event staffing’, ‘promo models Calgary’, and so on. We have a large variety of keyword phrases that we use and implement into our online marketing strategies. A good way to come up with a list of targeted keyword phrases for your website is to use a software that allows you to research what people are searching for, how often, and the type of competition you are up against.

Are You Blogging The Right Way For The Right Reasons?

Shockingly, a large amount of students in the class were not consistently blogging on their company website – some didn’t even have a blog set up! I can’t stress the importance of blogging enough – it is a crucial component of your website that will get you leads. Recently, we’ve been noticing that our blogging efforts aren’t going unnoticed. Specifically, when asking a new client how they found out about our services, they said they had read our blog post on event staffing for trade show services. Success!

Along with blogging, we were taught the basics of software specific to email marketing, google, facebook, targeted key word research along with strategies for video sales letters, brain dead offers and hypnotic copywriting. It was a lot to learn in a short amount of time, but I’ve already begun testing some of the methods. Not every technique was suited for every company – sometimes it depends on your services and products. One exercise Paul walked us through was identifying your company’s mission statement. Can you describe in one sentence what your company does? Sometimes this is harder than you may think. Take time to identify what you do, who you serve, and how you do it differently than your competition.

Maybe because I was so eager to graduate and get into the ‘real world’ I had forgotten the value of learning and how much there is to discover. Although I feel I have been constantly learning since I graduated and began my career at Tigris, I had forgotten the importance of learning new techniques and staying up to date. Especially in the digital age, there are new tools available to us every day! This course has inspired me to keep learning and challenging myself so I can grow within my career and personal goals.

After our exam, Paul told the class he had a special surprise for us in the parking lot. You can imagine the size of our smiles when we saw an ice cream truck, and were told we had unlimited free ice cream for an entire hour. Of course I asked for the largest chocolate sundae available. What an awesome way to celebrate the end of an exam!

What are you doing to better yourself and your business? Have you tried any of the techniques listed above? How did YOU find this blog post? If you were searching for experiential marketing techniques, event staffing and would like to increase your brand awareness, you’ve come to the right place. Contact Tigris today at 416.283.9119 and any of our account coordinators would be more than happy to discuss your unique needs. Over services are available nationwide, including Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver.

Copy of Nicole (32)Nicole is Tigris’ account coordinator. She has been full-time with Tigris since Sept/14 and recently obtained her digital marketing and sales certification through the Ontario Job Grant

Serena Holmes
Serena Holmes
Serena Holmes (formerly Schwab) is the President & CEO of Tigris Incorporated. She is a Broadcast Journalism graduate from Ryerson University. She began working in events in 2000 and started with Tigris as an events staff in 2004, was promoted to management and later accepted partnership. Serena took over operations of the company in 2008. Since that time the roster has tripled and the company continues to grow at a healthy pace. Some keynote clients include Rogers, Motorola, GTAA, CHIN Radio, Appleton Rum and many others. Google PLus Profile:

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