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Get Your Target Audience To Complete Your Field Market Research Survey


Do you want to know exactly what your target consumer is thinking? Of course you do! The more information you have about your target audience, the better. This valuable information can help you discover a variety of data that will influence the next steps for your company. What is the best way to gather this information? Through a field market research study!

Create a Field Market Research Survey People Will WANT to Complete!

We are always in a rush and constantly distracted. People are always on the move, with somewhere to be, consistently distracted by their cell phones. Once you’ve discovered where your target audience will be, it can be hard to capture their attention, even when you are standing directly in front of them.

Field market researchers know how to break through the noise and get your target consumers to slow down, stop, and put down their phones. They are trained to lead with an incentive to entice consumers, and know how to develop a meaningful conversation.

What are the best incentives to complete a survey?

  • Gift Cards
  • On the spot giveaways (such as branded water bottles)
  • Charity donations
  • Lottery (a chance to win)


Which type of incentive is best for me?

According to, when it comes to increasing response rates, previous research has shown that cash is king, boosting survey response rates the most. Of course, you have to take your budget into consideration, as well as the length of the survey. If the survey takes more than 10 minutes to complete, chances are the individual will not be motivated to complete the survey for anything under $10.

In the photo above, the field market researcher did not use any specific incentive to encourage survey participation, because the topic directly affected and interested the students. The 1-2 minute multiple choice survey was conducted on a user friendly iPad, with questions surrounding student housing options. Tigris provided youthful field market researchers who were able to directly relate to the students.

What method will you use to conduct your survey?

The two most popular methods to complete a survey (in our experience) is on an iPad or online. Each method has it’s own pros and cons. In regards to an iPad survey, one may have a better opt-in rate because the field market researchers are able to ensure the survey is being completed. The participants are able to ask any questions they may have as they are completing the survey. Some negative aspects of using an iPad is the cost, and as well, there may be difficulty physically getting people to stop and complete the survey. With an online survey, there is no guarantee the consumer will go home (and remember) to complete the survey. If they are confused by any questions, they may become frustrated and neglect to complete the survey. A benefit is that the participant is able to complete the survey on their own time, in privacy.

Field Market Research Strategies to Develop an Appealing Survey with High Opt-Ins


Regardless of whether the participant is completing the survey directly in front of the field market researcher or in the privacy of their own home, it is important to ensure the survey is clear, concise and appealing. This will encourage the participant to complete the survey, resulting in more data for your company.

Is my survey clear?

To make your survey clear, ensure each question can be read once, and the reader will understand exactly what you are asking. Refrain from using complicated sentences and jargon. Make it as simple as possible. Do not over complicate things!

Is my survey concise?

The longer the survey, the less participants you will have. Keep it concise and only ask the most important questions to maintain your participants’ interest and obtain a high completion rate.  Include a progress bar at the top of the survey so they are aware of how many more questions they need to complete. You can also include motivational slogans, such as “Two more questions, you’re almost there!”.

Is my survey appealing?

Surveys by nature can be a bit dull. By adding graphics to your questions, the survey can become much more appealing. It’s important to ensure these images relate directly to the survey and the question being asked. Do not add anything that is irrelevant, or may confuse the participant.

Let’s Start Surveying!

We hope you’ve found this information on increasing survey participation informative and beneficial.  Are you ready to gain valuable information from and about your target demographic? Contact Tigris today to achieve high results from your survey with the use of our field market researchers. Give us a call at 416-283-9119 or send an e-mail to Tigris operates in over 15 markets across Canada including Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal.

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