2016 10 08 to 11 Winnipeg Brand Ambassadors

ICON Waterloo
2016 09 09 to 10 14 ICON Waterloo Move-In Support
October 11, 2016
Summer Party
2016 10 09 TK Facebook Summer Party
October 11, 2016

Our Winnipeg Brand Ambassadors managed the Royale Tiger Towel Tour at Manyfest Sept 8‐11. The team of staff hosted the Tiger Towel booth by facilitating an onsite game and distributing prizes/coupons. In addition, they maintained and replenished the Tiger Towel dispensers. One staff was also responsible for getting into costume to make an appearance and interact with children/families as the Tiger Towel mascot during peak hours.

The team was required to facilitate the “Scrub & Win” game and replenish paper towel rolls in the dispensers. Event attendees were visibly drawn to the Tiger Towel booth as line-ups of people wanting to play were regularly formed. Everyone loved the concept of the game, prizes and mascot!

This event was another huge success and received an incredible amount of brand recognition at the event. There was a constant line up and it was extremely busy, especially Saturday.

Winnipeg Brand Ambassadors For Local Events

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