2016 10 09 TK Facebook Summer Party

Winnipeg Brand Ambassadors
2016 10 08 to 11 Winnipeg Brand Ambassadors
October 11, 2016
Active Brand Ambassadors
2016 09 06 to 09 Active Brand Ambassadors for NBA Campus Pass Tour
October 11, 2016

The TK Events Facebook Summer Party was a blast! The event took place at Cherry Beach in Toronto on Sept. 9th. The weather was fantastic, and there was lots of space for all of the games. There was an area for BBQing and access to the lake for water activities. It was a great location!

The Tigris team was divided up so at least one brand ambassador was managing particular areas. These included games such as Jenga and Connect 4. Our team also helped with directions, in addition to engaging and pumping up employees to get a little friendly rivalry going. Amy (team lead) acted as a floater as well to manage staff breaks.

Guests had a great time at the Summer Party. Tigris staff were professional while providing a lot of energy to keep people engaged and excited about participating in activities.

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