2018 10 06 to 11 03 VR Awareness Campaign

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2018 11 06 to 07 Facebook Toronto HQ Event
November 16, 2018
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2018 10 29 St. Joseph’s 7th Annual Toronto West Halloween Fest
November 2, 2018

Because the CNE event was so successful, adHOME approached Tigris to assist with the extension of the Silent Killer Campaign. This is a Carbon Monoxide awareness campaign that utilizes VR to generate shock and awareness. 

Throughout October and November, our team brought the campaign to multiple cities in Ontario including North Bay, Woodbridge and Burlington. 

Discover what people thought of the campaign by reading the testimonials below:

  • β€œThat is an amazing educational tool!”
  • “This is an amazing way to let people learn about carbon monoxide, I think people will be more likely to listen if they are actively participating.”
  • “That was really cool, I have never done VR before and that was a great way to experience it.”

Are you looking to make an impact on your consumers? Try incorporating a virtual reality experience. They are extremely immersive and effective! Contact Tigris today to learn more about this experiential event technique.

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