2018 08 17 to 09 03 adHOME Silent Killer Campaign

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2018 08 25 MLSE, Second Harvest & Hellmann’s
September 26, 2018
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2018 08 15 to 26 Educational Event
September 24, 2018

adHOME approached Tigris to provide 3 energetic and engaging VR brand ambassadors to assist with their TSSA Carbon Monoxide awareness campaign at the Toronto Fire Station within the CNE grounds.

The Silent Killer is a VR experience that promotes Carbon Monoxide (CO) awareness, the leading cause of accidental poisonings in Ontario every year. The only way to measure CO in the house is with a CO detector. You cannot smell, taste or see Carbon Monoxide, hence the name “The Silent Killer”. Discover what people thought of the campaign by reading the testimonials below:

  • “Wow, that was scary but it does get the point through.”
  • “I have done VR before but this was an intense VR experience.”
  • “The use of tech to get a point across could not have been done any better.”
  • “We loved it. Thanks for keeping it free.”
  • “I’ve heard of this! I saw videos about it over Facebook videos! This is so cool. Is it free?”
  • “This is VR? Is it about carbon monoxide because it’s in the firefighter station? It only makes sense. Wow, that’s smart.”
  • “The video was interesting. Wow. Impactful. That was good. Really good.”
  • “Definitely scary, but good. Really makes you think about safety at home with the kids around.”
  • “Oh my god that was actually really scary! I didn’t think that I would be scared, but the basement and the cat was really surprising for me!”
  • “Love the VR and learning about CO in a new way.”

Are you looking to make an impact on your consumers? Try incorporating a virtual reality experience. They are extremely immersive and effective! Contact Tigris today to learn more about this experiential event technique.

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