2018 08 12 to 18 Vancouver & Toronto Alcohol Sampling

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To illustrate the rapid decline of the African elephant population, South African cream liqueur, Amarula, placed a life-sized elephant ice sculpture in Toronto and gave it a voice to invite Canadians to do their part to make sure elephants don’t disappear. This activation was enhanced with Vancouver and Toronto alcohol sampling.

Our client, YBVOCAL, requested a team of two brand ambassadors per location to distribute close to 2,000 samples. Below are a few consumer testimonials: 

  • “Where can I donate?”
  • “This is a very poignant display, very well done, tell us more about how is Amarula involved here?”
  • “This is so awesome!”
  • “Thank you for being here and doing this!”
  • “I love Amarula, it is so good!”
  • “This is a great cause.”
  • “Thank you for making me aware.”
  • “I always buy this at the LCBO.”
  • “Wow! I had no idea that elephants were as gravely in danger as they are. I love when companies use their power to do good.”

Learn more about this unique event on our blog post!  

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