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Our Vancouver sales staff operated an Avicenna Aromatherapeutics mall campaign throughout September. While onsite, the team engaged with mall go-ers to promote Sina Aromatherapy Products, which aid in breathing, headache relief, sleep, snoring prevention, and stress relief.

Aromatherapy benefits cognitive performance (memory, attention, speed, etc.) and mood (reduces stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression.) The Sina products come in various dosage formats including jars, roll-on, button and combination.

The products smell amazing! One of the most popular products is for headache relief. This therapy includes key essential oils Lavender, Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Rosemary.

Sina’s distribution is direct-to-the customer via fall fairs, consumer specialty shows and seasonal mall kiosks. Our team was at the CNE in Toronto and PNE in Vancouver marketing the popular product.

Vancouver Sales Staff Achieve Quick Results

Since Sina’s distribution is direct to the consumer, making sales at the mall kiosk was extremely important. It is a key role that our Vancouver Sales Staff perform. This was possible due to their sound knowledge of the product which enables the reps to engage the visitors to our booths and incent them to purchase.

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