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October 11, 2016
Vancouver Sales Staff
2016 09 01 to 30 Vancouver Sales Staff
October 11, 2016

One of our favourite outdoor events is Labour Day Weekend at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Track. Tigris supplied 1 Event Manager, 19 shuttle kart drivers, 1 greeter and 2 floaters for the weekend.

Shuttle kart drivers were to provide courtesy rides while accepting donations for Jumpstart from patrons. The greeter welcomed patrons to the Canadian Tire Action Zone area, kept count with a clicker and assisted with directions. The floaters assisted with relieving shuttle kart drivers for their breaks.

Guests were extremely thankful and appreciative of the shuttle kart service. On Saturday, staff managed to obtain over $1000 in Jumpstart donations!

Staff was provided with a branded polo shirt, jacket, and bandanas for the shuttle kart drivers – that was paired with their own black pants and running shoes. Comfortable, athletic uniforms are the perfect attire for outdoor events.

Supplying Large Team for Outdoor Events

Tigris provides our most experienced Event Managers to manage outdoor events with large teams. Cindy has managed the Labour Day Weekend at Canadian Tire Motorsport Track 6 times now! If you require a large team to support your event, contact Tigris today. We operate nationwide across Canada with over 2,000 dynamic events staff on our team.

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