2017 03 26 Vancouver Expo Staff at the Healthy Family Expo

Toronto Registration Staff
2017 03 22 Toronto Registration Staff for TK Events
March 28, 2017
wellness brand ambassadors
2017 03 17 Wellness Brand Ambassadors for Healthy Crunch
March 24, 2017
Vancouver Expo Staff

This event was similar to the Speciality Foods Expo our Vancouver Expo Staff were a part of on January 14-15. Onsite, our team was to engage consumers and promote Made Good Foods. These products are made with organic, non-GMO ingredients.

Our Vancouver Expo Staff are responsible for independently setting up, managing and closing the booth. Set up includes: displaying merchandise on the table, preparing samples and setting up branded signage. Because your booth must be aesthetically appealing! As a result, guests will become curious and gravitate towards your booth. 

Once the booth is visitor ready, our team keeps the booth clean and tidy. Post event, the booth is cleaned, supplies are put away and a final check is done to ensure the booth is clean and clean of any remaining items. Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? However, it takes experienced trade show staff to ensure nothing is missed. 

Vancouver Expo Staff Relieve Clients of Travel and Save Costs! 

Tigris has provided Temporary Trade Show Help, or “booth assistants” for countless shows across Canada over the years. Made Good, in association with Riverside Naturals, is one of the many examples.  Discover 5 reasons why you should hire Vancouver Expo Staff and/or Temporary Trade Show help

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