2017 03 22 Toronto Registration Staff for TK Events

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2017 03 03 to 04 02 Great Western Brewery Vancouver Event Staffing
April 13, 2017
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2017 03 26 Vancouver Expo Staff at the Healthy Family Expo
March 28, 2017
Toronto Registration Staff

Tigris provided over 5 Toronto Registration Staff for TK Events at the Facebook Summit. In addition to registration, our team supported social media activations, greeted guests and gave directional services.

Facebook is where 1.79 billion people come to connect with what matters to them. It’s also where 4 million businesses come to get meaningful, measurable results that help move their business forward. Therefore the most professional staff are required for an event of this calibre. 

Toronto Registration Staff Control Large Crowds

TK Events puts a lot of work into planning the event, and rely on Tigris to execute it seamlessly. By having our Toronto registration staff onsite, they are at ease. Our team is able to greet and guide the large crowd, ensuring all guests are happy and comfortable. 

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