2017 09 03 to 04 Vancouver Event Planning WINNERS at iHeartRadio Beach Ball

2017 09 07 St. Joseph’s Health Centre Donor Luncheon
September 25, 2017
Ontario Store Promotion
2017 09 02 Boutique la Vie en Rose Ontario Store Promotion
September 20, 2017

Tigris is working with Bell Media and WINNERS at iHeartRadio Beach Ball. Our Vancouver Event Planning services include an inspirational Accessories Wall, step-and repeat mural wall for photo-ops. In addition, a Fab Grab machine where entrants have a chance to win WINNERS gift certificates was designed. 

Vancouver Event Planning Includes Management, Engagement & More!

Onsite, Tigris supplied 1 Event Manager and 5 Brand Ambassadors to manage the set-up and dismantle. In addition, the team was to manage and operate the accessory wall, photo-op mural wall, and Fab Grab machine. Festival attendees were encouraged to pose/take a photo in front of the mural wall and post the photo to social media to gain access to the WINNERS Fab Grab machine. 

Upon entering the Fab Grab machine, participants had 15 seconds to “grab” at prize certificates blowing within. At the end of 15 seconds, any/all certificates the entrant manages to grab are placed in a bag; they are allowed to pull only one certificate from the bag and keep the prize listed on the selected certificate. Because there were so many great prizes, everyone was eager to line up and play. 

Because this event was so intricate, we sent out Account Director from Toronto to Vancouver to assist with the activation. Overall, it was a huge success! Up next is the WINNERS activation at the Toronto Jingle Ball December 9. Interested in learning more about our event staffing and planning services? Contact Tigris today!

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