2016 07 29 to 31 Toronto Experiential Event

Grocery Store Demo
2016 07 29 to 08 07 Soleterra Grocery Store Demo
August 9, 2016
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2016 07 28 Toronto Book Promotion
August 4, 2016
Toronto Experiential Event

Tiger Towel executed a Toronto Experiential Event at the Food Truck Festival July 29-31. This event is definitely one you want to check out if you haven’t already. It attracts hundreds of guests, because who doesn’t love eating?

To execute the Toronto experiential event, Tigris provided a team of brand ambassadors to manage the Tiger Towel booth. Throughout the weekend, they ran a ‘Scrub and Win’ game. In addition, they filled up branded paper towel dispensers throughout the event.

Guests were really excited about the Tiger Towel booth, and the prizes they could win. Prizes ranged from stuffed Tigers for the children, to gift cards for the parents!

Dynamic Brand Ambassadors for a Toronto Experiential Event

Tigris is assisting Tiger Towel with an experiential summer. Check out our blog post to learn more about the activations, and what makes them so memorable. For each event, Tigris has a team of dynamic brand ambassadors to bring the brand to life.

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