2018 02 10 Swatch Valentine Promotion

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Valentine Promotion

About the Valentine Promotion

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love of all kinds! To celebrate this special holiday, Swatch engaged with customers to show them there is a special Swatch for everyone in their life. This Valentine promotion increased brand awareness and consumer loyalty. 

Participant Testimonials

  • “This is so sweet, thank you!”
  • “What a great way to spread the love.”
  • “This mailbox is adorable.”
  • “Wow, you’re even providing stamps? Thank you!”
  • “I haven’t mailed a letter in a long time!”

Our Support

In Montreal, our brand ambassador was dressed in a bright white parka, pulling the Swatch Love Wagon up and down Sainte-Catherine street. She distributed Valentine’s Day cards, inviting people to come to the Swatch store where they can create their own Valentine’s Day message. They were then given a stamp to mail their message in the classic Swatch post box. 

The Client

“The story of Swatch is the story of a revolution. In 1983, the unexpected appearance of an affordable, Swiss made, plastic watched turned the watch world upside down. Suddenly, a watch was much more than a way to measure time. It was a new language, a way to speak from the heart without words.” – Swatch.