2018 02 10 to 24 Chinese New Year Event Planning

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March 6, 2018
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Chinese New Year Event Planning

Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year, is a traditional and very important Chinese holiday. Because Vancouver now has one of the highest concentrations of ethnic Chinese people in North America, the province participates in many celebrates. In addition, several businesses turned to Tigris for Chinese New Year Event Planning services to join in on the fun.

Chinese New Year Event Planning: About the Event

Maple Diversity and Genesis contacted Tigris for events staff as well as event logistics for a series of open houses in Calgary and Vancouver. Guests were invited to roam the show homes, participate in games, and indulge in treats and refreshments. 

Participant Testimonials

  • “The Chinese New Year event is exactly why I came here today!”
  • “Wow, the radio station is her? I love them!”
  • “This is so nice, I wasn’t expecting all this food”
  • “I was just driving by and saw the balloons and decorations; I had to check this out!
  • “The decorations are beautiful.”

Our Support

Chinese New Year Event Planning includes logistics, management and staffing. Our team was responsible for site checks, training staff, sourcing uniforms, supplies and setup. Event execution included location, decor, catering and giveaways. In addition, our head office account management delegated duties to onsite event management and managed client expectations.  

The Clients

Maple Diversity is an ethnic ad agency. They are 100% focused on the 20% of the Canadian market who are ethnic consumers. 

Genesis specializes in both land development and home building. their focus is twofold, but their vision is singular: enrich lives through inspired homes and communities.