2009 01 24 Event Planning for Rogers at Dragon Ball

2009 02 01 Labatt Promotional Models Celebrate Superbowl at Local Pubs!
May 7, 2013
2009 01 15 to 02 01 Rogers Sales Staff Celebrate Superbowl at WM!
May 7, 2013

Tigris was contracted for the event planning of the Rogers’ booth at Dragon Ball including researching, designing, delivering, setting up & tearing down the booth. Additional event planning responsibilities included sourcing bilingual brand ambassadors and event management for the day of the big event.

Most importantly, if an attendee has a poor experience during check in, it can impact on their entire event experience. Not only are they unlikely to enjoy the event, they may not want to go to another by the same organizer. Also, event organizers cannot ignore that with just a touch of a button, an attendee has the power to share their bad experience with tens, hundreds or even thousands of followers on social media. 

Therefore, to always guarantee the best first impression and avoid the common mistakes made at the start of an event, review this guide of the top 5 things organizers get wrong at check in

In addition, our brand ambassadors were responsible for coordinating two fundraising initiatives including the Wheel of Prosperity and the “Table Draw” to distribute 10 Blackberry Bolds and 10 Blackberry Curves, plus hundred of promotional prizes. The involvement of the temporary sales staff lead to more than $10 000 in charitable donations and a positive experience for the guests!