2017 11 08 to 10 Red Deer Promotional Model for ATP Nutrition

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November 27, 2017
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November 24, 2017

Did you know Tigris provides a Red Deer promotional model for ATP Nutrition each year? Red Deer is Alberta’s third-most-populous city – after Calgary and Edmonton. Tigris was contacted by ATP Nutrition to provide one promotional model to assist at the Agri-Trade Show November 8-10.

ATP Nutrition is a scientific-based fertilizer company in Oak Bluff, Manitoba. They develop and commercialize high-performance products for agricultural needs. Onsite, our Red Deer promo model were to encourage guests to fill out a form to receive a free t-shirt. They engaged with guests and provided key messaging. Because the clients were onsite working with our promo model, they worked together as a team to capture leads.

The Agri-Trade Equipment Expo attracts over 28,000 agricultural buyers annually and is considered the best agricultural equipment show in Canada. Sounds like a great show it attend, doesn’t it? Many guests came to the ATP Nutrition booth to learn more. Below are a few testimonials: 

  • “This really helped my crops through hail storms.”
  • “I have heard positive results from others who have used it.”
  • “Even during this past year with the dry spell, I still had positive results using ATP.”

Overall, it was a successful event full of new and potential consumers. 

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