2019 01 10 Lex PR Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Event

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Lex PR approached Tigris to provide 3 professional Toronto promotional models to provide onsite event assistance for the Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Event in Toronto on January 10th, 2019. 

The event took place within the Salvadore Room of the Bisha Hotel. Many guests commented on how stunning the event space looked and took photos and videos for their social media platforms. As you probably already know, the atmosphere and aesthetics of an event is extremely important!   

Tigris event staff were required to assist with various onsite tasks including greeting and engaging with guests and bussing tables. In addition, our team was supporting the nutritionist and tea sommelier with their needs. Above all, our team was to create an enjoyable experience for guests. 

Guests were ecstatic about having being invited to the Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty event to learn about skincare and other ways to support inner beauty. For instance, event highlights include nutritionist consultations and sipping tea courtesy of the onsite sommelier. Below are a few guest testimonials: 

  • “I love this event!”
  • “The décor is so gorgeous.”
  • “The teas smell amazing.”
  • “You were a great help!”

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