2019 01 15 to 02 14 ATP Nutrition Canadian Trade Show Tour

interactive booth design
2019 01 17 to 21 RADO at IDS Toronto
February 15, 2019
professional Toronto promotional models
2019 01 10 Lex PR Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Event
February 11, 2019

ATP Nutrition contacted Tigris to provide one promotional model per show to assist with their Canadian trade show tour. Our team was to assist with the following events:

  • Crop Production Show in Saskatoon, SK Jan. 15-17
  • AG Days in Brandon, MB Jan. 22-24
  • Farm Tech in Edmonton, AB Jan. 29-31 
  • Crop Connect in Winnipeg, MB Feb. 13-14 

ATP Nutrition is a scientific-based fertilizer company in Oak Bluff, Manitoba. They develop and commercialize high performance products for agricultural needs and develop nutrient management plans. Their main focus is on the three fundamentals of production agriculture; seed, soil, and the plant. Their products include Seed Nutrition, Soil Micronutrient / Macronutrient and Foliar Micronutrient / Macronutrient.

As the ATP brand ambassador, our staff was to stay within the booth premise and encourage people to sign up for the ATP Nutrition email list to receive a free t-shirt. The purpose of our events staff is to engage guests and assist the ATP sales team members convert leads into sales. 

Are you looking for staffing support for your Canadian trade show tour? Contact Tigris today to learn more about our event staffing services. 

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