2014 10 17 Professional Promo Models for Ideal Developments

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October 31, 2014
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October 16, 2014

Tigris teamed up with Ideal Developments to host the “Changing Faces of Toronto” event on Oct. 17. Tigris booked a trio of beautiful and professional promo models for the function. Ideal Developments is a company who builds communities across the GTA. For their event at the Scarborough Convention Centre, attended by over 400 guests, our promotional models were responsible for mingling with guests, posing for photos and running a raffle.

Our events staff were dressed in sophisticated red cocktail dresses – red is the main colour of Ideal Developments! They greeted guests as they entered the gorgeous venue and encouraged them to take photos at the media wall. The event included a 3 course meal, and while guests were enjoying their appetizers our promotional models distributed raffle tickets to each guest.

After an acrobatic performance and in between speeches and demonstrations, Β our girls went on stage and announced winners of the raffle – the prizes ranged from gift baskets to a trip to Costa Rica!

Once the event had come to an idea, President/CEO of Ideal Developments, Shajiraj Nadarajalingam, raved to our girls about how impressed he was from their gorgeous looks to how helpful they had been throughout the event. It’s safe to say our professional promo models were a hit!