2017 05 07 Outdoor Events Staff Goodlife Marathon

sampling and selling
2017 05 Grace Sampling and Selling at desiFEST
June 27, 2017
sports car promo models
2017 05 07 Sports Car Promo Models
May 11, 2017

Grace requested a team of 3 outdoor events staff to promote Grace Kennedy Coconut Water at the Goodlife Marathon. Onsite, our team was to increase awareness by sampling, distributing, and selling Grace coconut water. Participants were eager to try a free sample. 

Customer Testimonials:

  • “We love this coconut water.”
  • “I use it in my shakes.”
  • “This is free??! It’s so big, thank you!”
  • “Oh! Electrolytes! I need these right now.”
  • “I love Grace!”
  • “I have one of these every day!”
  • “This is exactly what I drank before I started the race. These are the best!”
  • “I fill my fridge with these every week!”

Outdoor Events Staff for Grace Kennedy 2017 Events

The Goodlife Marathon was our third 2017 event with Grace. To kick off the year, we provided staff for the Toronto Bicycle Show. The second event was the Yoga and Conference Show. Contact Tigris today to learn more about our event staffing services. 

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