2017 08 25 to 09 17 Ontario Event Staffing for Cadillac Fairview Inspiration Station

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Ontario event staffing for a fall promotion is huge! Much like starting off a new year, fall is an opportunity to reinvent and set your intentions for the year. Cadillac Fairview wants to be a part of helping make your intentions a reality. Our events staff took over central, high traffic areas in 19 Cadillac Fairview malls across Canada Fridays to Sundays from Aug. 25-Sept. 17. While onsite, our event staffing teams encouraged customers to enjoy an interactive experience by selecting intentional quotes to place onto a personalized tote bag. Because tote bags are reuseable, your positive affirmations will be with you all day long. 

Ontario Event Staffing for the Inspiration Station 

So, how does the experience work? Choose your focus for fall: Self-Improvement, Giving Back, Finding Balance or Making Tomorrow Better (sponsored by WE). Once you select your focus, you’ll be prompted to select your favourite statement and design. Tote bags will take approximately 15 minutes to hot press onsite, so in the meantime mall goers can enjoy exclusive offers from H&M, shop, eat and enjoy the mall while they wait! 

By looking at customer testimonials from the launch weekend, we knew this event was off to a great start. Below are a few reactions;

  • “I love the different slogans located around the mall. I took a picture to show my daughter. She loves the inspirational quotes.”
  • “I cannot believe there is no catch and that Cadillac Fairview is just giving away free giveaways! I will comeback with my girls!”
  • “My daughter and I are really going to enjoy shopping with our Matching Tote Bags.”
  • “I’m heading over to H&M right now to use my 20% off discount with my customized tote bag.”
  • “This is such a wonderful event! I am truly inspired.”
  • “Oh so this is what is going on that I’ve been seeing all over social media? Amazing!”
  • “Seems like the best job ever!” 

Did you stop by one of the 19 Cadillac Fairview malls between Aug. 25-Sept. 17 to set your fall intention and get your free tote bag? Here at Tigris, we create unforgettable, award-winning experiences that build up brands, businesses & people. Contact us today to learn more about our event staffing services or to join our award winning team!

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