2018 02 14 to 15 Manitoba Brand Ambassador

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March 6, 2018
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Manitoba Brand Ambassador

Manitoba Brand Ambassador for CropConnect

ATP Nutrition exhibited at CropConnect Feb. 14-15. This show offers a wide range of speakers, access to crop specific information, a tradeshow and banquet. ATP requested one experienced Manitoba brand ambassador for the duration of the show. 

Our Support

We provided one Manitoba brand ambassador to work alongside ATP Nutrition at CropConnect Feb. 14-15. The staff was to pull people into the booth so the client was able to generate leads and answer more detailed questions about the product. 

Participant Testimonials

  • “I’d love more information on the Soy Green.”
  • “I’ve seen you guys at other trade shows! Great to see you again.”
  • “I’ve used your products before and love them. What else do you have?”

The Client

ATP Nutrition is a scientific-based fertilizer company in Oak Bluff, Manitoba. They develop and commercialize high performance products for agricultural needs and develop nutrient management plans. Their main focus is on the three fundamentals of production agriculture; seed, soil, and the plant.