2018 04 09 to 24 Lead Generation Toronto with Elemental

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April 27, 2018
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April 27, 2018

Elemental approached Tigris to provide a team of two energetic and engaging brand ambassadors to promote a new app in 30 stores. This specific type of lead generation Toronto was executed on Samsung tablets during 6 hour shifts. 

Throughout the program, our Account Manager collected feedback from our staff to share challenges and improvements going forward. This is crucial during a long term program to ensure positive results. 

Lead Generation Toronto :: Incentives, Goals & More!

When conducting a lead generation program, it’s important to consider incentives. For this program, some locations offered gift cards for participation while others did not. This is a great way to test consumer response to external offers.

In addition, a target of 60 signups per day per person was created to measure success. Without a goal, it’s impossible to track success!

Are you interested in executing a lead generation program? Contact Tigris today to discover how our team can work with your brand to achieve outstanding results. We operate nationwide across Canada with over 2,000 events staff on our growing roster. 

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