2017 07 20 In Store Demos for Hatch Cold Brew

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August 15, 2017
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August 14, 2017
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Hatch is a start-up founded by Alfonso Tupaz. While he was living in the African countryside  he had limited access to fresh roasted coffee beans. Therefore, he started experimenting and creating his own cold brew coffee. When he returned to Canada he launched his own dedicated facility in the GTA. Today, Hatch is the largest dedicated Cold Brew Coffee Factory based in North America. 

Hatch contacted Tigris for staff to execute in store demos in Vancouver, British Columbia. Onsite, our staff were to set up a tasting station that includes mini tasting cups, 2 units of each product, a bowl for the products and ice. 

With so many competitors, many shoppers asked, “Why Hatch?” Hatch sources high grade premium organic beans from single origin lots. They brew their coffee at colder temperature for 20 hours resulting in a deeper more crisp flavour profile. They practise fair trade and direct trade with an extended shelf life. In addition, their cold brew coffee is composed of only two simple ingredients: organic coffee and water.

In Store Demos Increase Brand Awareness and Sales 

When sampling your product, regardless of which sampling strategy you choose, donโ€™t forget a call to action! Providing a coupon for a discount on their fist purchase, or BOGO (buy one get one free) is a great incentive to get people to purchase your product. Sampling is a great way to gain the consumers trust and confidence in your brand/product, as well as lower the risk of trying something new. Learn more about which sampling strategies are right for you in this blog post. 

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