2008 02 20 Tigris assisted with the Event Planning for Windows Mobile Launch

2008 02 22 to 03 01 Tigris Brand Ambassadors Promote Pizza Pizza Pub Crawl
May 2, 2013
2008 02 15 to 02 24 Tigris’ Sexy-Savvy Sales Staff for Rogers at the Auto Show
May 2, 2013

Tigris was contracted by Rogers to coordinate the event planning and event management for the Windows Mobile Launch including securing and liaising with the venue, designing wristbands, equipment rentals, booth set up, purchasing food & drinks for the Leafs.

Event staffing required booking and training one onsite manager and four brand ambassadors to enter as many people as possible into a contest: “Enter to win a round of golf with 3 Leafs ” using Windows Mobile on the new Samsung JACK phone. They were also responsible promoting the contest, corporate branding, handing out wristbands for autographs, & Cracker “JACKS” to the public.

In total, the team handed out 150 wristbands, entered 250 people into the contest, handed out more than 3 000 Cracker “JACKS” and 5 000 flyers.