2017 08 22 Essential 360 Camera Product Launch

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September 13, 2017
Product Launch

INC!TE Event Production at DKC contacted Tigris to provide gorgeous, talented promotional models to assist with the Essential 360 Camera Product Launch. The event was held at the Berkeley Field House in Toronto, Ontario August 22nd.

Onsite, 3 staff are responsible for registration. In addition, 3 staff are responsible for engaging with guests and relaying key messaging on the Essential 360 Camera. A Team Lead was assigned to manage the team, take photos and cover breaks.

What is the Essential 360 Camera Product Launch?

The 360 camera clicks onto your phone where you can easily point, shoot and share It’s the world’s smallest 4K 360 camera. The Essential 360 Camera uses your phone’s battery and internet connection, so there is no need for clunky wires. Everything looks better when you capture the full perspective! 

Below are a few testimonials from guests at the event:

  • “This was great! Thank you for everything!”
  • “I already knew about Essential. I pre-bought the phone and I’m already sold but this sold me even more.”
  • “Everything was great. I had such an enjoyable time.”
  • “This was such a great evening, thank you guys for everything, I had a wonderful time.”
  • “This is such a cool phone, I hope it does well in the market.”
  • “Do you know if I can buy this today?”

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