2015 02 21 Creative Services For Warner Music in Toronto

2015 03 01 to 04 Multicultural Promotional Staff for PDAC Trade Show Toronto
March 20, 2015
2015 02 23 Toronto Promotional Model Hosts Fitness Demo
March 3, 2015

Creative Services On The Buildings Of Toronto For A Legendary Rock Band

Tigris teamed up with Warner Music to promote Led Zeppelin’s new album, Physical Graffiti. We projected a series of images, guerilla style, outside of the MTCC on Sat., Feb. 21. The album launched 3 days after this campaign. The was a unique way to gain media attention and create awareness for the anticipated album!

This is just one example of the creative services Tigris is able to provide. We are not strictly a temporary staffing agency – we are able to plan events start to finish, provide creative services such as experiential marketing campaigns, design uniforms for promotional staff, and much more!

If you’re looking for more than just staffing, we would love to assist with the concept of your experiential marketing campaign and provide you with creative services. Experiential marketing makes your brand significant and allows participation from potential and current consumers. The snow is slowly starting to melt – what does your brand have planned for summer? We’d love to assist with any outdoor promotions πŸ™‚ Contact Tigris today at 647-286-9392 for a free quote on any of our creative services and temporary staffing in 15 markets across Canada including Montreal, Toronto, Victoria and Edmonton!