Experiential Marketing Toronto & What It Can Do For Your Brand!

If you’re looking for a way to directly engage with your consumers and create a memorable, branded experience, you should try experiential marketing Toronto. Are you looking to increase brand awareness and sales? Of course you are! Well, you can do this by creating brand-related encounters (experiential marketing) with your potential clients and consumers (and your currently existing ones).

Below are 3 features of experiential marketing:
1) Experiential Marketing Toronto Makes Your Brand Shareable
Imagine you’re walking past Dundas Square in Toronto and spot someone wearing a billboard with an advertisement on it. This scene would make you stop in your tracks, and your first instinct would be to snap a photo. Consumers love to share their product experience on social media with family, friends and colleagues to share their opinions.

Heidi Choen, author of Actionable Marketing Guide, states “experiential marketing makes your brand relevant to your prospects and customers by leveraging the combined power of social media, content marketing and mobile”. Create an experience that captures the attention of your target audience and makes them want to share and speak about the experience. Don’t forget to use a #hashtag for your marketing campaign so you can track results!

2) Experiential Marketing Toronto Makes Your Brand Significant
Television, radio and billboard ads have lost their impact on consumers. It is important to make your brand relate-able, so consumers feel a personal attachment to your brand. For example, think of a popular celebrity. You may see photos and music videos of this individual constantly, and have preconceived opinions about them. But if you happened to meet and engage with this celebrity, they would have the ability to change your preconceived notions, create a relationship with you (however fleeting), and maybe even influence you to purchase their CD. Experiential marketing allows you to create a relate-able experience with the consumer and make that personal connection, which in turn leads to trust and sales.

3) Experiential Marketing Toronto Makes Your Consumers Participate
You need to participate and practice until you thoroughly learn a new concept or idea. You may know the rules of basketball, but you won’t have a true idea of the game until you are physically on the court with the ball in your hand. Make your consumers participate! Experiential marketing is about creating immersive experiences. This means engaging people through touch, sound, sight, taste, and scent to create an emotional connection. In 2013, Tigris teamed up with Zoom Media to create an experiential marketing campaign for Tide, called “The Tide Test”. In short, consumers that participated were able to have their dirty gym clothes cleaned and delivered to them at the gym with a free sample of Tide. Through this 3 city experience, consumers were able to smell, touch and physically see the results of this new product.

Put Experiential Marketing Toronto to the Tigris Test

Let us help you make your brand sharable, significant and practicable. The industry of experiential marketing Toronto has taken off, not only locally – but also in other cities from coast to coast as well. We have over 11 years of experience in the industry, and are eager to share our knowledge with you. Switch up your marketing campaign with something different and new; we can help make your brand buzz-worthy! Call us today for a free quote on any of our services, available in 15 different markets across Canada at 647-286-9392 . We can’t wait to take your brand to the next level with the power of presence! 🙂

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