2017 11 20 Barenaked Ladies Canada Dry Concert Sampling

Food Sampling Staff Hamilton
2017 11 19 to 25 Food Sampling Staff Hamilton
December 18, 2017
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2017 11 18 to 19 Texas Sales Staff for the Keyspire Wealth Tour
November 29, 2017
concert sampling

Cruel contacted Tigris to provide a team of Calgary promotional models to assist with a concert sampling. The campaign was focused on the connection between the Barenaked Ladies and Canada Dry. Our promotional models were on premise throughout the show and sampling product at the exit and at the end of the concert. 

A Concert Sampling Increases Brand Awareness and Sales

The purpose of the concert sampling was to get people tasting and ultimately buying the product. Onsite, our team sampled the new Canada Dry Club Soda Orange Mandarin. Wondering what it tastes like? Below are a few participant testimonials: 

• “That is lovely, thank you.”
• “I love Canada Dry!”
• “I can’t wait to try it, can I take another one for my husband? He loves Canada Dry.”
• “Oh free? Of course, I love free!!”
• “Oh, that’s cool! Just like the new song!”
• “No sugar and no sweetener? That’s amazing!”
• “Can I have a whole case of it?”
• “I didn’t know they made this!”
• “Cool! Canada dry, just like the song!” (the Barenaked Ladies perform a song titled,’ Canada Dry’). 
• “This sounds so delicious!”
• “An entire can? Sweet!”

Overall, concert goers enjoyed the new product and were extremely appreciative that it was free. Are you interested in executing a sampling? Contact Tigris today for a free quote on our event staffing and planning services. 

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