2015 07 13 to 26 Brewster Travel Brand Ambassadors In Edmonton!

2015 07 14 to 16 Helpling Sales Staff
July 23, 2015
2015 07 11 Brand Ambassadors for Scion @ Khatsahlano Street Party!
July 23, 2015

Once again, Tigris brand ambassadors teamed up with Brewster Travel Company to promote their four incredible attractions: Banff Gondola, Banff Lake Cruise, Glacier Skywalk and Glacier Adventure. The promotion took place at K-Days in Edmonton from Fri., July 17th through to Sun., Jul. 26th.

Before the promotion took place, our adventurous events staff were able to visit the attractions so they could share their stories with patrons. They had lots to say from their first-hand experience at the attractions and did a great job at intelligently and enthusiastically promoting the company.

This was an interactive, exciting, successful promotion that our Tigris events staff thoroughly enjoyed being a part of. Are you interested in using brand ambassadors for your next promotion? Contact us today at 647-286-9392 to start planning.