2018 08 14 to 30 WaterPark Place Brand Awareness Event

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2018 08 15 to 26 Educational Event
September 24, 2018
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2018 08 04 Taste of the Middle East Cultural Event
September 24, 2018

Tigris teamed up with B2 Communications to host a brand awareness event within WaterPark place. WaterPark Place is where the modern Toronto workplace is headed. The amenities that grace this building reflect a full and balanced work life and the retail and dining options offer daytime workers a multitude of choice and elegant convenience. WaterPark Place acts as a gateway to the PATH network from the waterfront, all the way to Union Station. 

The objective was to create a brand awareness event to engage with pedestrians. Onsite, our team was to manage the giveaway event and offer to take photos for people at the display. Guests were offered free ice cream, compliments of WaterPark Place. The only exception was guests were to first make a purchase that day at a WaterPark Place retailer.

Because the event was pre-promoted, many people were excited for the free ice cream days. Below are a few testimonials:

  • “Oh wow free ice cream!”
  • “So I get free ice cream just for buying lunch? That’s great!”
  • “This is such a fun idea! When are you going to be here again?”
  • “This is great, I was buying lunch anyways, as I often do! What a nice surprise!”

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